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the whole dirty fucking story

australia's number 1 bad ass motherfucking sleaze rock band. like the bastard child of motorhead, guns n' roses and backyard babies.

Pavement Entertainment (USA) recording artist, Snake Bite Whisky was formed in December 2014 and has quickly established themselves as Australia's number one sleaze band and are rapidly gaining a large following in the international Glam/Sleaze scene. Likened to early Guns N' Roses with a healthy dose of Motorhead, the Snakes are determined to bring the style and attitude of the eighties sunset strip scene, kicking and screaming into the present with their heady mix of Punk and Heavy Metal injected Sleaze Rock. In July 2015 they released their debut digital split single, "Lost Saints/Cruel and Indiscreet" which is enjoying widespread radio play in the United States and the U.K with "Lost Saints" charting at number 4 on TBFM (the U.K's largest internet based rock radio station) charts and frontman, Jay R being nominated for best singer 2015 at the TBFM awards in the U.K!

2016 saw Snake Bite Whisky grow rapidly. They released the garage e.p. "Two Steps To Oblivion" which has received extensive airplay in the U.K and U.S.A. They signed endorsement deals with Coldcock Whiskey and Dirtbag clothing. In July, played a headline show in Tijuana, Mexico and played at the 15th annual Cruefest at the Whisky ago-go in Hollywood, U.S.A. Whilst in Hollywood they recorded a new e.p with up and coming producer, Jerry Jade. The e.p is called "Dirty" and was released on the 31st of October 2016. In December 2016 singer, Jay R survived a near fatal heart attack from a blood clot in one of his arteries. In September 2017 the band signed a global deal with Pavement Entertainment (USA). who will be releasing their debut album, "This Side Of Hell" in 2018 to be distributed by Sony Red. Also in 2017 original drummer, Nick Dysart left to pursue a family life and was replaced by Al "ACE" Bukva. 2018 saw them perform at Hard Rock Hell Sleaze 2 in Sheffield, U.K alongside Backyard Babies, LA Guns, Jetboy and more plus completed their first U.K. Lead singer Jay R has also signed an endorsement with Vocalzone U.K.

The debut album, "this side of hell" was released on the 25th of january 2019 to universal critical acclaim with the first single, "down in the dirt" enjoying extensive FM radio play throughout the U.S and world. They toured Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and the United Kingdom throughout 2019.  in july 2020 the snakes signed a new record deal with european label, sliptrick records or the global release of their second album, 'Black Candy' in march 2021.'Black Candy' received rave reviews and enjoyed extensive radio play across the globe. the album charted ay 98 on the Italian iTunes top 100 all genres charts.  The Snakes managed an Australian tour during the pandemic and performed at the Churches Of steel festival in Adelaide. 

Snake Bite Whisky are: 
Jay R - Vocals  

Danny Jackson- guitars
Stacii Blake - Bass 
Karl Redmann - Drums.

Full throttled, no compromise, in yer face sleaze soaked rock n' roll. A much needed injection of nitro glycerine, "fuck you" heavy rock with attitude and flair in a dull music scene. Undoubtedly the most dangerous and intense live band in Australia. This is a band for people who like their rock turned to eleven, their sex dirty and their booze flowing!

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